ACCM offers a structured progressive curriculum to students from 6 years onwards.

1) Kids Start-up Course (6yrs – 9yrs) (Duration: 3 yrs)

2) Young Beginners (10yrs – 15ys) (Duration : 2 yrs)

3) Adult Beginners (16yrs and above) (Duration : 2 yrs)

We provide a classroom atmosphere with a strength of 6 students per batch. Interactive sessions, tutorial videos, playing with backing tracks are the key features of each session.

Music is introduced through different components like Technic, Method, Recital, Theory, Ear Training, Activity (for Kids Start up) and Sight-Reading (for Young and Adult Beginners).

Students get to enhance what has been taught in class through Computer games based on different musical concepts and Music Education Software (Groovy city, Groovy jungle and Groovy shapes)

Internal examinations are conducted quarterly and course completion certificates are issued at the end of the course.